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Which is Healthier, Squat Toilet or Sitting Toilet

Compared to squat toilets, toilet seats tend to be more comfortable to use. But when viewed in terms of health, defecating in squatting toilets is even more advisable. Squat toilets and sitting toilets are the two types of toilets that are commonly used. In fact, the type of toilet used not only affects the position of defecation of its users, but also the health and smoothness of our bowel movements, you know! Advantages and Disadvantages of Toilet Seats The toilet seat has a more modern and luxurious model and design. This type of toilet is also considered more comfortable to use for some people, such as the elderly, large pregnant women, or people with knee injuries. However, the price of a toilet seat does tend to be more expensive than a squat toilet. Defecating using a toilet seat is considered to be no healthier than a traditional toilet or squat toilet. Based on research, defecating using a toilet seat requires more time and more energy when compared to a squat toilet.
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Beware Orbital Cellulitis in Children, To Avoid Blindness

Swelling and redness in a child's eyelids can be caused by a variety of things, from harmless conditions to serious conditions that can cause blindness. Therefore, it is important for parents to detect swelling and redness in the child's eyelids. One eye disease in children with symptoms of swelling and red that is at risk of causing blindness is orbital cellulitis. Orbital cellulitis is an infection of the tissue in the eyeball. This disease most often occurs when a bacterial infection in the sinus cavity (sinusitis) spreads to the eye socket. In addition to infections in the sinus cavity, infections in other tissues, such as the skin of the eyelids, eyeballs, or upper respiratory tract, can also spread to the eyeball and cause orbital cellulitis. In addition to infection, injury or trauma around the face can also cause orbital cellulitis. Symptoms of Orbital Cellulitis Parents need to be vigilant if the child's eyes appear red and the eyelids are swollen, especially

Pregnant Women Don't Stress, The Effects Can Be Bad for the Fetus

Stress during pregnancy is a normal condition experienced by many pregnant women. But if it takes place continuously it will have an impact on the health of the fetus. Therefore, let's find out together the effects of stress on the health of the fetus and how to prevent it. If pregnant women can manage stress well, then the body's response to stress will decrease and the body will return to its original state. Conversely, stress that is not managed properly risks increasing maternal stress hormones which can affect the health of the fetus in the womb. Various Effects of Stress During Pregnancy If stress in women or pregnant women is not managed properly, maternal and fetal health can be disrupted. Here are some of the problems that occur if pregnant women become stressed: Influence the fetal brain Chronic stress during pregnancy is thought to contribute to abnormalities in the formation of the fetal brain and an increased risk of mental disorders in the fetus later